Training Programs

Library training

Library training is oriented towards librarian and library personnel, which help them do their job more efficiently. The library training helps to develop human resource in libraries. They are the future librarians in one of the libraries in Nepal. There are different levels of library training.

Basic library training

Basic library training is 7 day course for the entry-level personnel. This course is offered every month. This crash course contains all basic knowledge about running library. This course contains basic library terms, concept and  techniques like concepts of library librarianship, maintaining accession register, cataloguing, acquisition, and computer assisted librarianship.

Certification Training

Certification training includes 35 days and 3 month library training that is useful for anyone who want to pursue their career as professional librarian. These courses prepare students to attend librarian certification exam taken by CTEVT.

Special Training

Special training range from 3 day workshop to longer training. These training develop awareness and competency in currently working librarians and sharpen their skills in their field. The topics include emerging issues in library science, IT skills etc. We regularly offer classes for Libra ILS, Koha, Openbiblio, Dspace, WordPress, Drupal, GSDL etc.


Information Management Training

Life Skill Training

Life skill training is oriented towards the users of library. This program is for community engagement. These programs focuses on developing life skills through library. We invite highly successful professionals in the related fields for training the library users. The training include

  • Literacy program to old people for using library
  • IT training like graphics designing, making website, Photoshop etc
  • Painting, paper arts etc to children
  • Gardening, bushcraft, animal husbandry etc to farmers
  • Basic electric, plumbing, woodcraft etc. to the jobless youth

Join the Training

Join wide array of training and workshops organized by Library Development Forum (LDF) and develop new skills.