Develop Libraries

We provide Technical, Legal, Financial, Moral support for developing libraries

We provide technical and other support for
Building new library or
Developing an existing library.
We also help libraries
Find donors for building new infrastructure and services.
For developing and supporting, we usually carry out many activities.


Libraries supported by LDF

सगरमाथा सार्वजनीक पुस्तकालय भवन मा पुस्तक तथा अन्य सेवाहरू Sagarmatha Public Library building, library and other services

Sagarmatha Public Library

Library is situated in urban settings with all modern facilities, digital libraries, high bandwidth internet connection. Conducts training, seminars, workshop, community outreach program and other.

Dharmashala Library Pashupatinath with philosophical and religious books, images, paintings and more book rack

Dharmashala Public Library

This library mostly contain philosophical, theological, dharmik and religious texts. The library regularly conducts Sanskrit and Tibetan language classes. It also conducts religious assembly every Saturday afternoon.

Girl reading book in new horizen community library Chitlang-2 Makwanpur Nepal

New Horizon Community Library

This library built and developed by the efforts of LDF and local community after mega earthquake of Nepal in 2072 BS. If the visitors want, they can also stay near the library in the home stay of the members of community.

Gosai Kunda Residential Library

This is library cum resident of guest. Visitor can do research, read book or simply enjoy the accommodation with candid view of Himalayas. It has good set of resources, high speed internet connection, traditional library, digital library with rich collection and online subscription.

Get involved

Our activities

Advocating for a policy issues for library development
Developing Library Network to work as extended team
Training with new technology and concepts
Conducting exposure visits
Community outreach for involvement
Help automating library tasks
Digitizing the contents and publishing online
Help libraries to build online presence by building websites
Help install necessary hardware and software


Let us work together

Lets join our hands together. Let us together make this world better. Lets work together.